Follow the tracks of the world's first long distance road trip done by a brave woman


Bertha Benz was a brave and curious woman. This curiousity is inside of all of us and so we start with our 2-wheeler to explore exactly this track which drove Bertha Benz on 3 wheels (the first automobile!) together with her 3 sons. First we pass Baden, the region blessed by the sun and wine and enjoy a nice and winding roads while riding there.


In Pforzheim we actually access the historical track, which leads us via Bruchsal and Schwetzingen to Mannheim. We have a break at scenic and interesting spots, for the lunch break we choose a location around the famous water tower.


The historical track leads us in the afternoon to the Carl-Benz-Museum, and the visit there puts us back to the automobile world of around 100 years ago. Now we could much better imaging the world's first long distance road trip of Bertha Benz - that's what we think.


We go on cruising through the foothills of the Odenwald while we ask ourselves how Bertha Benz must managed her first trip more than 130 years ago. Riding through the Kraichgau area via Bruchsal to Karlsruhe and in Pforzheim the loop like Bertha Benz has done is finally complete.  We speed up for a short while and cruising on our air filled tyres comfortable over the windy roads until we reach our starting point. For Berta Benz this trip for sure was much more exhausting, but also the same exciting and full of expressions.


- Feel-the-Moment! -

The Route

Start: 8:30 am

Break: appr. 10 am

Lunch Break: appr. 11:30 am

Visit Carl-Benz Museum Ladenburg appr. 2 pm

End: appr.. 6 pm

Length: appr. 280 km

Level: easy

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8:00am Tour Start:

D-71229 Leonberg, ESSO filling station

Address: Bruckenbachstrasse 46

GPS: 48.784112, 9.005786


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Your Price for this Tour...

69,- EUR per Rider


You take part in this Tour with your own Motorbike, which is registered correctly and Assurance and Tax are paid.


Fuel, Oil etc. is not included.


Drinks, Food and Snacks before, during and after the Tour are paid by you.

What else is important...!  

Please be on time at the Tour Start - you contribute to a good Mood during the Tour.


Please fill-up before you start the Tour to avoid unneccessary Stops and Re-routings. 


Please check your tire pressure at your bike before the Tour - so riding the bike is even more fun and also more safe. 


Alcoholic Drinks could negatively influence your Ability to ride a Bike safely, so consuming alcoholic Drinks before or after the Tour is completely within Your Responsibility.