Schoenbuch - Swabian Alb - Danube Valley- Neckar River - Ammerbuch - Schoenbuch


Right after the start we are cruisung through the beautiful landscape of the Schoenbuch area and very soon the traffic becomes less, roads smaller and landscape even more lovely. Crossing the Swabian Alb continues riding on winding roads along of creeks and rivers. Our first break is a castle on a mountain top with perfect scenic view.


We continue on not less winding roads, heading south until the entrance of the Danube valley. From now on we are rinding along of the rocky scenery of Danube river. The landscape and winding roads are that amazing so there's the risk to forget driving. We enjoy our lunch break at the Danube riverside in between of huges rocks and very original pasture landscape.


Later on we are heading West, then turning North for a ride through another beautiful part of the Swabian Alb and along the Neckar river. A historic palace, which is worth seeing, is the right spot for a break there.


After that we proceed with the last part of our great tour on winding roads and we have another time lots of fun between the Swabian Alb, Ammerbuch and Schoenbuch.


- Feel-the-Moment! -

The Route














Start: 8:00 am


Break: appr. 9:30 am

Lunch Break: appr. 12:30 pm

Afternoon Break appr. 4 pm

End: appr. 6:30 pm

Length: appr. 330 km

Level: medium

Your Dates and Bookings...   

Tour can be booked

numerous dates in 2016

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We are meeting you at...

8:00am Tour Start:

D-71229 Leonberg, ESSO filling station

Address: Bruckenbachstrasse 46

GPS: 48.784112, 9.005786


8:20am, location A: D-70771 LE-Leinfelden, Hammer filling station, Address:

Meisenweg 8,

GPS: 48.705552, 9.143909


8:30am, location B: D-71111 Waldenbuch, ESSO filling station,


Stuttgarter Straße 12

GPS: 48.638615, 9.131013

please ask us for other meeting points

Your Price for this Tour...

85,- EUR per Rider


You take part in this Tour with your own Motorbike, which is registered correctly and Assurance and Tax are paid.


Fuel, Oil etc. is not included.


Drinks, Food and Snacks before, during and after the Tour are paid by you.

What else is important...!  

Please be on time at the Tour Start - you contribute to a good Mood during the Tour.


Please fill-up before you start the Tour to avoid unneccessary Stops and Re-routings. 


Please check your tire pressure at your bike before the Tour - so riding the bike is even more fun and also more safe. 


Alcoholic Drinks could negatively influence your Ability to ride a Bike safely, so consuming alcoholic Drinks before or after the Tour is completely within Your Responsibility.